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5 years ago

Reporting Outtages

My house has been without cable or Internet for 36 hours. The same is true for everyone on this street (hence why I think it is an outtage rather than just my service.) My neighbors and I have tried to report the outtage through various means (calling, and chatting in). The first time we called to report the outtage we were told that no outtages for our area were showing up and to just wait a few hours for a text notification.

After several hours, I chatted with a rep and they said that an outtage was reported and that it was being worked on. The estimate time I was given for a resolution varied wildly from what was given to my neighbor. Both estimates were wrong. My neighbor and I received texts saying the the issue was resolved. (Spoiler: it was not.)

A different neighbor on the street has a technician out right now for initial set up and the technician is saying the the outside line is dead. 

This overhas been disappointing and frustrating and the whole thing is being compounded by the lack of clear and transparent communication.

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  • I am not seeing any area issues at this time. I can see that your modem is actually online right now. Did anything change with your service since you made this post?

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