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Reckoning day is coming fast.

So I am wondering what is Cox going to do now that the real home internet competition is coming to knock on their door.

Verizon is already trying on selected markets their home internet using Millimeter Wave. Las Vegas soon to be a market

T-Mobile has already deployed home internet and customer are getting 300mbps down also in certain markets. Las Vegas soon to start deployments. Also T-Mobile is giving live TV called T-Vision.

Then you have Startlink: Already have friends in Vegas trying it and testing it. 200mbps down and 40 up with a sub 20 latency. By years end it will be 300mbps down 40 or more up. and by 2023-24 1Gbps down. Elon Musk has promised 10Gbps starting 2025. Will see, but I will be happy with a constant 1Gbps down.

So then you Hulu, Youtube, AT&T and many other live internet TV providers. So I wonder how many customers Cox is going to lose in both arenas. 

Yes this is finally real and Cox will no longer be the only player.

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