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Random devices and apps can’t connect after outage

At about 7:30 last night there was a widespread outage in our area, though it was never listed as such when we checked on the Cox website. But our internet went down, as did my Mom’s about 10 miles away, and friends in neighboring towns were reporting their Cox internet was down at the same time too.

It’s been almost 24 hours and we only have partial services. We have the Cox Panoramic WiFi modem/router thing. I have reset it 3 times and checked the cables from the wall to the tower. The app shows it is connected and that my devices are connected. But certain smart home devices and even certain programs will not work on WiFi. The Cox App is one of them. I have to turn WiFi off on my phone to get the app to work correctly. Internet browsers including Safari and Chrome behave as if there is no connection, yet we can stream Netflix on the same device. YouTube and chrome cast work but Prime video does not. All Alexa enabled devices are behaving as if there is no WiFi. Echo dots, smart bulbs, ring doorbell are all offline and can not reconnect despite trouble shooting. It isn’t limited to Amazon though. I’m having these issues on an iPhone, Samsung tablet, and Pc laptop as well. Everything was working perfectly prior to the outage last night.

I cannot test the connect speed on the Cox website because to access that page I have to turn the WiFi on my phone off. Please help, I feel like I’m going crazy!

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  • Gillespiema, the forum's members will not be able to assist you with this issue. To assist you we will need personal account information that cannot be privately sent on the forums. Please feel free to reach out to us on one of our Social Media platforms or through online chat or by email: Facebook, Twitter @coxhelp, Online chat can be found here: Scroll down to and click on Let's chat.

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      I did call tech support and they were not able to fix the issue. It all came back up a day or so later. But tonight at 11:26 it went out again in the exact same way. When I called tech support they acted like no one had ever had this issue before. But i know my friend had a tech come out to his house last time it happened. This is not a problem on our end. Has Cox recently pushed a software update that could cause some apps to be blocked but not others? Why does Netflix work but HBO Max does not? Why can my chrome cast connect but nothing Alexa enabled can? 

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        So I am having the same issue and can give a bit more info as to what is going on here. About a week ago had this same issue and now it is back tonight. 

        The reason some things still work is you have no ipv4 connectivity. If you go to you will notice that you only have an ipv6 address listed. If you then try to ping (Google's dns ip address) it will fail. If you further attempt to do a tracert it will go a couple hops outside the modem to an ip address that is listed as a carrier grade NAT. Then it just fails past that.

        Not sure exactly what is wrong on their end. I know enough about networking to figure out where it is failing but not a ton more. If I had to guess something broke on their NAT setup or something broke on their routing related to IPv4. 

        I have a case open but was told it would be 24-48 hours. Last time I think it was 8-12 hours before it fixed itself.

        The list of stuff that supports ipv6 is low but it includes google youtube and facebook. (Google has a list of more.)