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5 years ago

Random connectivity drops - half dozen a day


Would really appreciate any help/suggestions that can be given.

Problems started perhaps 3 weeks ago. Years of trouble free service before that. Random drops to connectivity, multiple times per day, often for only 30 seconds or so but has become extremely annoying. (As a gamer it can be a bit rage inducing). Have replaced both the cable modem and router as they were both 5+ years old. Download speed increased a chunk after the router change, nothing after the modem switch out. No change to the frequency of drops in either case.

Download and upload streams below, both are at least borderline or out of spec. Event log also shows a series of problems. There are no issues with the TV side of things.

Cable into the house goes to a 3 port Antronix splitter. There is a single 2 way splitter off that before it hits the cable modem. Cable modem is plugged into a surge protector. I've ordered some replacement splitters but they wont arrive until Wednesday. Anything I can do before then? Am pondering ordering some sort of amp with active return, worth doing..?

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    We definitely want to get you back to the service that you know and love. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in internet traffic as people have shifted their work and school activities home in response to coronavirus. Customers may be seeing greater impacts in their neighborhoods at certain times of the day.

    Our engineers are working to solve the problem, but until they do our customer service team can’t offer more information. We know this can be frustrating for our customers. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at, with the complete address. We will be able to investigate the signal you are receiving.

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