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2 years ago

Rachio Gen3 Controller keeps going offline (PanoramicWifiGateway)

HI Cox community,

Lately I've been having issues with my Irrigation system controller. I have a Rachio Gen3 controller and it keeps going offline, when I troubleshoot using the app the 2nd light flashes read and I have to reconnect to the Wifi. After I get it to go back online, the issue reoccurs later on during the day. I've looked on the Rachio community support forum and people are saying that the issue could be caused by my router and any type of firewall that could be set on it. I recently upgraded to a Panoramic Wifi Gateway modem/router and I don't know what I can do on the router to resolve the issue with the controller going offline. Can anybody help or also had issues with their sprinkler system controller going offline on a Cox router? Thanks and I look forward to your feedback. 

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    You may have already seen the Rachio Help articles.  The only interesting thing I see is special characters in the SSID and password (key).

    > Light Codes (Rachio 3)
    > WiFi light codes
    > 2nd light blinking white & red
    > Rachio 3 Light Section 2 Flashing
    > Rachio 3 Requirements