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5 years ago

Port Forwarding - we block all ports for your protection - the ignorant tech support people

After several frustrating hours on the phone with Cox tech and making connecting with 6 different cox support representatives, I was told by the last one that "We block all ports for your protection", and you can't do port forwarding on your Cox Panoramic modem.  I insisted that makes no sense, and that I've setup dozens of routers with port forwarding successfully, until I ran into the problem with the Cox Panoramic (Arris).  So the representative (who I don't recall his name), said that you could pay  $10 per month and cancel after 3 months to get the "complete solutions" support who could set this up for you.  I indicated, I already spoke with them and they won't do that, and referred me to the "self install" department (which was the idiot I was speaking with now).   So he said there's no one else you could talk with since this is for "my protection".   I indicate, even if the Complete solutions department could/should do it, it sounds like blackmail (pay up and will release the block).   So in frustration, I said that nothing more you can do?  He said no. And that ended the conversation.   Later in the day, I actually solved the issue, by adding the port forwarding address to the Port Trigger list on the router, and that then opened the port to my app.   Why 6 people could not tell me was the solution, speaks very badly about the kind of tech people Cox hires.    So if you are having problems with port forwarding, this might be why you need to add to the virtual ports and the trigger.

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    Hello, I am so sorry that you had to go through those interactions with our tech representatives. Great job on resolving this issue, we encourage this so that customers like you can give assistance to other customers. Please allow me to explain why it seemed like you hit a brick wall with this matter of port forwarding. Incorrect port forwarding settings can negatively and unintentionally affect your network. There are too many variables and to be honest we just wouldn't be able to keep up with all of them. Changed settings can also complicate our ability to effectively troubleshoot with customers.

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    That's because port blocking was so 15 years ago.  With ipv6 now, this should be less of an issue and quite frankly... this kind of "protection" isn't appreciated.