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4 years ago

Poor Gigabit speeds

Like many others, I am getting poor speed on Gigabit.  At the advice of the Cox tech person, I bought a new modem, and Arris Surfboard S33, the fastest most up-to-date DOCSIS 3.1 modem they make.  The best speed I'm able to get it 325mbps via wifi and that speed is not sustained until the end of the Cox speed test.  It usually ends at about 225 or less.  It's quite frustrating to upgrade you modem and your internet package and get this kind of speed.  I've been on 3 separate calls with Cox tech support and none of them could offer a fix, though they tried.  One tech suggested getting a new router but my Google router can get up to 1.4 gig so that shouldn't be an issue.

Has ANYONE had success getting to anywhere near to 1 gig speed via wifi (and please don't tell me to hardline in; no one does this except gamers)?  I would even settle for 500-750mpbs.


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