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4 years ago

Please provide a status update on replacing the Flash-based web video player

Good day,

As we're quickly approaching 2021, can someone please release a meaningful status update on the plan to replace the Flash-based web video player prior to the end of Flash support? I know this has been sought by customers repeatedly for over a year now; I'm confident that many of us would appreciate some expectations management, particularly around the details of anticipated browser support, mobile device compatibility, and service capabilities (e.g. ability to play back DVR content from the web console).

If details are unavailable for public release at this time, please do consider replying with information on when they will be available and what channel(s) will be used to notify us.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Steve Evermore 

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    flash will still work just not supported  most likely HTML5 will replace it which is already in the browser no addon needed