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10 months ago

Planned outage notification

Are residential customers notified of upcoming planned outages?

I experienced a neat 24 hour outage yesterday (10/08/2023) in my area.  Internet access is no longer a luxury rather in some instances necessity.

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    I did too. Don't know how long the outage was but it was lengthy. Just got home from work and it is out again. 

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      My wifi, internet and hard wired phone have not worked since yesterday and I can not find a phone number to call a person. Oh the little chat robot does not reply either Does any have cotact number?

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        Hi, Cathynrob.

        I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your service and were unable to reach support through chat. I know it can be frustrating when you can't get the help you need, so I'm glad you posted here.  You can find your local number by signing in or selecting your area at Additionally, you can email us at with your account info and a description of the trouble you're having. 

  • Hi, everyone.


    We know how important it is to be reliably connected. Regarding planned daytime outages for things like network upgrades you would be notified in advance via postcards, emails and door hangers, as well as in the Cox app two days before the planned outage. 


    We understand that service interruptions are never convenient, but resolving the issue is our top priority when it does happen. When outages are unplanned, we are beginning to proactively notify customers if they are in an outage and their equipment is offline. This feature may not yet be available in all Cox service areas.   Proactive notification and the ability to opt-in to enhanced messaging is not available in certain scenarios, such as natural disasters.

    You can check the Cox app for outage notifications or view our outage map at

    If you are experiencing trouble outside of an identified network event displaying a notification within the Cox app please email with your account info and the details of the trouble you're having. 



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      Cox tech support stated it was a planned outage.  I get marketing text notifications but not the outages.

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        Hi williampoling, 


        We do not currently have a system in place to contact customers when an outage is declared because not every customer in a service area is affected the same way when an outage occurs. Outage information and updates are always available when you log into your account at or log in to the Cox app.