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3 years ago

Panoramic Wifi App Not Working


I just moved to a new house. I exchanged my old modem for a new one today, in-store. Previously, I was able to access my network and manage my passwords, who was using my wifi, etc. Once I was done setting up the modem and my wifi was working on my phone and laptop, I went onto the Cox Panoramic Wifi App to check if I could change my name and password. Sure enough, the app said my router was offline and I couldn't access any tabs. 

I contacted (2) agents of Cox and no one was able to help me resolve this issue. I would like to be able to manage my network on my phone, like I use to. If anyone could help me, that would be great. 


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  • Hi Richie, I apologize for the difficulties you're experiencing with the Panoramic Wifi App today after installing a new Panoramic Wifi Gateway. If I understand correctly, you are able to log into the app successfully. Does the app show your current model Panoramic Wifi Gateway, or the previous model gateway that you returned to the store today? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator