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6 years ago

Panoramic WiFi / Gigablast problems

i recently upgraded to panoramic and gigablast.. I thought that it would really make a difference, but it’s caused nothing but problems. I was better off staying with my Netgear products that I bought and installed myself.

when I had this installed I was never told about adding extenders to the panoramic WiFi . Cox now wants another $75.00 to have a tech come out again and take care of my so called dead spots....why couldn’t this be done when the tech came out to install the panoramic-gigablast modem.

This combination of WiFi is slow and drops signal a lot ......I’ve called cox on this and they keep referring the extenders and tech to come out.

i just think that they could’ve done a better job of selling and installing a complete system! Centurylink sure does look pretty good right about now!!!!

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    Hi, Paintrep.

    I understand the difficulty this means for you. Please take a moment to use the included link to review your home network to determine more about each device appears to be affected and from where the trouble may stem. If need help sorting it out, please send an email to anytime. Please make sure to include a link to this forums post.

    Erica W.
    Cox Forums Moderator