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6 years ago


I have constant packet loss playing fornite and probably other games as well. I dont want to switch services but it looks like i might have too if this doesnt get solved.  please help

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  • Hi cKlaas, your modem is reporting very poor downstream levels. I'm sure you have already removed any splitters from the coax connection to the modem and you've ensured all the coax connections are finger-tight. We need to schedule a service call at a time that you (or someone over age 18) can be at home while an on-site technician resolves these issues. If you'd like my team to schedule a service call for you, please email with your full name, address, and a link to this page. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      i have a brand new modem. it was the highest recommended one. I only get upload packet loss to fortnite. my wife is home at all hours so i just need a app for a tech to come. 

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        Hello cKlaas,

        Please send us an email at to set up a service appointment. Please include your full name, account holder's full name, street address, and a link to your forum post.

        Cox Support Forums Moderator