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4 years ago

Packet Loss... months later

Still having nonstop issues. Have already emailed corporate and sent a complaint to the FCC. Waiting to hear back. Have swapped the coax in my apartment and attempted direct wiring to modem (SB8200) with no improvement. Not sure where else to go because techs will inevitably report no issue if there aren't line issue at the time they inspect. Had one out over a year ago and it went nowhere. Happens throughout the day at random. Sadly can't swap to another ISP as my complex only offers Cox. 

CLICK HERE - Packet Loss Examples

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    Hi @Fcbecho

    I know how frustrating it is to have inconsistent internet. If you are working with Corporate Escalations make sure that you reach out to them as they will be able to help you by working directly with the Field technicians in your area.

    Ben S.
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