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4 years ago

Packet Loss in the Evening (7PM-2AM)

I have been experiencing intermittent packet loss (particularly at night) over the last few months with associated event log errors on my cable modem (MB8600). Screenshots are attached.



Event Log

PingPlotter capture over Ethernet:



Update 2020-09-03 — Packet loss starts at ~19:00 EDT, or start of "internet rush hour", 19:00PM - 23:00PM.

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    Downstream is amazing. Best I've ever seen. Zero corrected codewords on the QAM256 channels after 8 days and zero uncorrected on the OFDM PLC channel. You don't care about corrected on the OFDM PLC. Basically your downstream connection is perfect.

    Upstream power levels are good but you have T3 timeouts in the log meaning there is noise on the upstream frequencies. Most likely you will need a tech to troubleshoot a problem further up the line. I don't see how it could be a problem in your connections or equipment with such perfect downstream stats.

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      Why, thank you haha.

      I agree, the downstream channels look perfectly within spec. The upstream power levels look a little low to me, and obviously the presence of T3 time-outs (and PL) in the event log are possibly symptomatic of that. A tech will know more when he/she plugs their diagnostic equipment in at the tap.

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        Is Cox trying to charge you $100 to send a tech out? That's what they keep telling me to resolve my disconnects, and its outrageous.

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    We like to take a closer look at the signal levels please email your full name and address to Also, include a link to this thread.

    Jonathan J
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