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6 years ago

Outlook won't set-up

I had a hard drive crash and of course I had not made an image so I have to start from scratch. I purchased a new hard drive installed it. i was able to reinstall windows 10 and was able to re download  my office. I started out look and tried the auto set-up. it did not work so I logged on to got the server settings and attempted to set-up manually. I cannot get past a pop-up which asks for server user name and password. I enter everything even though it is already populated and when I click on OK it just pops-up again.I have verified the password by logging on to the web client. SO what's wrong I'm sure it's simple and that I am just missing it.

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    It might be your port numbers.  Check the following...

    Incoming Server (POP3):  995
    Outgoing Server (SMTP):  465
    Encryption:  SSL

    That's what I've got and it might have changed...but it still works.

  • Hi Rkilgore, the correct email settings are found at Enable SSL and put a check mark in the authentication box. Be sure to go to the Outgoing Server Advanced Settings tab and enter your Cox Username (everything before the @ sign in your Cox email address) and password. Please let us know if you are successfully able to send and receive mail. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator