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2 years ago


It would be more acceptable if Cox would explain why the outage is happening (upgrades, accidents, unknown issues or inability to handle volume).  I find it’s easier to accept when a company has been honest and provided the reasons I am without service.  I get no credit for time without internet service and public utility companies are not being held to the same standards they put out for customers.  Normally we don’t have issues but we are paying top dollar to get what we can and would appreciate if Cox could find a way to prevent these outages.  There isn’t a good time on our calendar to be without internet, period.

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    I agree, there should be more communication between the maintenance technicians and Tier 1. At the very least you should be able to call billing and request credit for the time of the outage. IMO there is never a good time for a outage.

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      there is ZERO communications between Maintenance, and Tier 1, CAG, and almost everyone outside of maintenance. 

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        Well there is outage notification. I remember there were a few places you could check and big outages/storms were notified by email. Back when I worked there, there was Real Time Operations Center(RTOC) who handled all the outage notifications in the IVR. Now that they're national, is there some new group? Or is it handled by the SOC now?