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3 years ago

Outage for days now

So it's been 3 days since I've had an "outage" that no one around me has. You ever going to fix it or am I going to refuse to pay for the lack of service?   Don't send a bot to say "I'm sorry please reach out"  Done that and got a couple if rude people and a couple nice ones.   No answers and technicians not reporting everything.   Not helpful.  You charge too much for these constant problems.

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  • I'm in the same boat, and I haven't seen a single cox truck around my house since the storm....

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      Im the primary account holder, and the app says no known errors found and no outages found.

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    8 days and counting. No ETA from cox and no communication at all. Our service went out 2 hours before the storm. Still no answer from them and nobody knows when the service will be restored. Im switching companies as soon as possible. They are really a joke.

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      You didn't say where you're located.  If you're in an area that was devasted by a hurricance, I feel for you.  But it takes time to rebuild an infrastucture that may have been completely destroyed.  I'm sure you would like some idea about when your Cox services will be restored.  But Cox may not know how long it will take for infrastructure repairs to be completed to the point where they can begin working to restore their network.  Once they're able to begin, it will take time to complete all their repairs.

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      Thanks for reaching out to us today and for selecting Cox as your provider. I understand how difficult it is to wait for service restoration after a big storm, and I apologize for the interruption! Please know our techs are working around the clock to restore services in your area. Due to the complexity of the restoration process, we're unable to provide an estimated repair time. We appreciate your patience while our crews work to get your service back up and running. For information about our storm recovery efforts, please visit

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        This was 17 days ago, and we still have no services in St. Charles Parish.