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Only Allowed Panoramic Modem & Its Extender Pods . . . .

Okay, I'm back with another modem question.  In earlier posts, I was telling how both the phone and internet were going out almost every day.  I would then have to unplug everything or reset the modem.  Finally, had Cox come out yesterday.  The tech said nothing was wrong outside, but I should replace the modem since it was outdated.  (You would think they would have mentioned that when I got tech help in a previous phone call.) Now, I was told here that since I have voice, too, I can only get a modem from Cox.  (A chat rep just told me that was not true, but I think she was wrong.) 

The only modem choice given is the Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway, which is both modem and router.  I wanted to use my own router, and was going to get a mesh system, but obviously not.  I have to use a Wi-Fi extender in my house.  So, do I have to buy a Panoramic Wi-Fi Pod 2.0, or can I use another type extender?  Anyone here using an extender with that modem? 

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    I read your previous posts and you haven't identified the make/model of your phone/Internet modem.  If you did, I missed it.  However, if you have the Essential 50 plan, I highly doubt your modem is inadequate.

    You need two modems:  1 for Internet (DOCSIS) & 1 for telephone (eMTA).  You can choose whichever DOCSIS fits your needs on the list of Cox Certified Cable Modems.  However, only Cox can issue the eMTA.  Meaning, you can't purchase an eMTA at Walmart and connect it for Cox Voice service.

    All Cox eMTA devices are dual-purpose:  DOCSIS & eMTA.  Meaning, if you subscribe to Cox Voice, Cox will freely issue you the eMTA with a DOCSIS bolted onto it (combo device).  The DOCSIS-side of your combo device broke, so you can either freely exchange it for another combo your own DOCSIS and connect the broken combo device for its eMTA.  This is what I've done.

    Cox techs and reps are trained to sell.  You do NOT need to rent their Panoramic.  You already have a router.

    What combo device do you have?  Why did you call a tech?

    Cox Certified Cable Modems:

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      Okay, the modem I have is Voice/Internet Modem Brand: CISCO Model: DPQ3212.  I got it back when the telephone first had to have a modem.  The tech said it was an outdated modem, and I noticed some place on the account equipment page there was a notice that it was outdated.  I also noticed somewhere on the website that it stated Cox did not provide service to a voice modem that was not issued by Cox. (I assumed they meant service service, but maybe they meant repair service?) I thus assumed that meant I must get the one and only voice/internet router Cox showed I should get--the Panoramic Gateway Modem/Router.  

      Sorry, I don't understand at all what you are saying about eMTA.

      My current router is the Netgear Nighthawk X6S (R8000P)--AC4000, and the extender is the Netgear Nighthawk EX8000.  After posting, I came across a web page showing what extenders worked well with the Cox Panoramic modem and the Netgear Nighthawk 7000 was listed, so it seems the 8000 should work, too.

      I called for service because the phone and internet keep going out, and I had to either unplug everything or reset the modem, using the reset button on the back.  The funny thing is the tech they sent out said he lived nearby, had hooked up all his Cox stuff himself, and he was currently having the same problem, as are many others, he said.  He thinks it's the weather. 🙂

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        when the telephone first had to have a modem

        This is when Cox changed their telephone service to VoIP.  Cox Digital Telephone (old service) was circuit-switching; VoIP is packet-switching.

        The tech said it was an outdated modem

        An eMTA is the telephone modem.  The DOCSIS portion of your DPQ3212 is DOCSIS 3.0.  The newest version of DOCSIS is version 3.1.  Yes, the DOCSIS-side of your DPQ3212 is "outdated"; however, you only have a 50 Mbps plan.  I still use a DOCSIS 3.0 because it has been more reliable and online since I got rid of the Cox-issued DOCSIS 3.1.  I haven't had a problem with connectivity since I installed it.

        Cox did not provide service to a voice modem that was not issued by Cox

        Again, you can't buy a telephone modem at Walmart and connect it.  Cox must issue the telephone modem.  If you're getting telephone service, there is nothing wrong with the telephone-side of your DPQ3212.  As Mouth recommended, just go freely exchange it.  Don't get duped into renting their 3-way combo device (WiFi Panoramic).  You don't need it.

        WiFi extenders connect to your router...not the modem.  Look for extenders compatible with your Nighthawk.  The only thing you need from Cox is the telephone modem.  That's it.  Stop shopping for Cox-compatible stuff.

        I don't think there is anything wrong with your equipment.  It's just the service to your house.  However, you can rule-out your DOCSIS by freely exchanging it.