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4 years ago

OKC Internet Outage

Multiple issues with Cox Internet and TV (through Contour).  

1) Outage in the metro since Friday, October 30th.

2)  No communication from Cox that the service was down. Power company has provided as detailed of updates as they can throughout the storm and recovery process.  I would hope Cox could do the same.

3)  Mixed messages - Signed up for text message alerts.  A message on Saturday, November 7th said service was back up and running.  Online platform said it was still inoperable.

4)  Have to call to receive refunds on my account bill.  I feel like Cox should know when an entire area is without service, and at a minimum automatically take care of billing and at most suspend charges until service is restored.  To not be transparent with customers that service is inoperable and still charge seems like good grounds for a class action lawsuit for refunds.

5)  Other telecommunications companies in the area are not having the same issue...if the core issue is related to power restoration, then why does Cox not have better disaster recovery plans than their competitors?

Tech support just told me the resolution should be at 5:19pm CST today...fingers crossed.  If it's not, I think I'll be shopping alternatives.

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    Tech support told me a couple of days ago that my WiFi would be back that night at 10:49 pm. I was skeptical because no one from Cox was in the area doing any repair work. I’m without WiFi even now. 
    I wondered then, and I’m wondering now about the specific time in minutes; 19 in your case, and 49 in mine. Not 20, not 50 ... 19, and 49.

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      I keep getting the same BS. In Bethany, cluster of 20-40 homes without. Our lines ARE CONNECTED. On my acct of a day there is a time listed when service will be restored. It is not restored. The next day, no message on account. Then, the 3rd day another time is listed for restoration, never restored and the process keeps repeating without a different outcome, hence insanity!!!

      They put my account on 'seasonal hold,' said they were doing all customers with an outage. When I looked on my acct the 'seasonal date' is December 10th. If that's the anticipated fix date, they should have told me that as well, but they didn't. 

      Whatever is wrong apparently can't  be fixed. Or COX is so disorganized with technically outdated above ground services, they can't get a grip on it.

      I also call BS on having service teams from out of state, here. When OGE brings them in, you SEE them. Have not even seen COX trucks out and about, that tells me something.

      At 3 weeks+ and with no REAL, FORTHRIGHT communication from COX on what the problem is or when service is expected, looking to make a change.

      So frustrated with COX's poor response and not being honest about their issues with their customers.

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    same here.  Power has been back on since Saturday but still no internet.  having to stay at parents so I can work.  Poor performance from Cox getting this fixed.

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    Same. I only lost power for an hour and a half and lost internet the next day. That was 11 days ago with no end in sight. It's effecting (sp?) my work from home status.

  • Yep. I’m in a similar boat. Lost power and internet on Tuesday 10/27. Got power back Saturday 11/7. No internet. No end in site. Chatted with Cox support and they had no ETA and they said they had no further information about the outage. So what is the cause and what is taking so long?

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    And just incase you missed it on your new bill, Cox is raising their prices for TV in December, imagine that!!! They alternate their rate increases (unless you have a contract).
    One year it is tv, the next year it is internet. They do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!