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3 years ago

Notification of planned outages

I'm sure your guys have been asked a thousand times about this but I really would like to make a request.

If you have planned outages, would you please email us about these planned outages or include them in our bill BEFOREHAND?

I know these have to be done and I know that you guys make it a point to do it when the least number of people are affected. But, there are people in who use the internet during off hours of the night and a little bit of notification in email or something like that would be a godsend.

This outage just costed me hours of planning and work and it could have all been saved from loss if I had known ahead of time that my net would go down before I started anything.

I know you guys can't help surprise outages due to system bugs or weather or whatever, but this one was planned so it works have been great to know ahead of time for me.


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    Hello @Markaina,

    Thank you for your feedback. We work diligently to limit the amount of downtime our customers are going to experience. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6 AM. Advance notice is not always practical; however, we try to let customers know when a major issue or a network update in their area will affect their service for more than one day. We are required to provide reliable service to our customers, sometimes that service is not reliable and our customers have to inform us of the service issue. We then get a technician to take a look at the concern, based on the number of calls about the issue in a specific area. This also causes an outage but we are unaware of it in advance. This is why we offer updates on and the Cox app. You can also sign up to get updates through text messages as well.

    Crystal S.
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      Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6 AM. Advance notice is not always practical

      Why isn't it practical?  If you scheduled a maintenance event, why can't Cox forewarn subscribers of the event?  If you already know about it...inform us.

      If you do inform do you inform us?  Email would be the best method.  Hiding the notice in my account awaiting for me to log in won't work because if Internet is down, I can't reach your website.

      What's does the Message app do on Contour?  This seems like a good place to put MESSAGES forewarning scheduled outages.

      I don't understand the Message app.  I've never received a message...other than Batteries are low...and there is sometimes a blue dot on the Settings icon informing me of a message...but there aren't any messages.  The Messages app is weird.

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        I can certainly understand your concern regarding the message on planned outages and the message app. I will gladly provide your feedback to our leadership team.

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