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4 years ago

Not Secure page while creating email using Chrome

When I log in to my cox email using Chrome and start reviewing my new emails I notice that Chrome shows that I have a secure connection. If I read an email and then go back to look at my other emails and go to create a new email I notice that Chrome shows a Not Secure page in the upper left corner. Actually as I type on this forum now, the Chrome browser shows Not Secure. Isn't bad to be creating an email in a page that shows Not Secure? If I refresh the page, I get a Secure page.

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    i use firefox because of many other issues with chrome.

    my wifi, webmail, forum + account all secure/https pages.

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    I was able to recreate the condition and it's not a Chrome issue.  The same thing happens when using a different browser.

    I opened an email received 6/16/2020 that appears to be a Cox promotion for Cox Security Suite powered by McAfee.  My connection changed to "Not secure" and stayed that way when I viewed other emails previously viewed with a secure connection.

    Sender information

    Email address: 

    Sender's name: "Cox Communications, Inc."  (with name enclosed in quotes)

    My connection changed to "Not secure" when any of the 10 emails from this address was opened, back to the first one received on 4/7/2020.  

    Attn: Cox Support Forum Moderator

    Is this a Cox email account?  If yes, why is the connection to the Webmail site shown as unsecure when viewing these emails?

    While we're on the subject, why are these Forums "Not secure"?  Does it create a security risk?