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not being able to access cox wifi app or browser

I have been trying to access the cox wifi app or through the browser. I want to do this so I can access my wifi settings, Including port forwarding. This is what I get when I attempt to access the website. - 

Please Give Us a Call

Sorry, there is a bit more we need to do to get you up and running with Panoramic Wifi. Call us at 1-800-234-3993, and we will get you squared away.

To be clear, I AM able to enter my CORRECT username and password after I enter it displays this message. When I attempt to log into my account on the main website and the cox app everything works fine. I have been having this problem since I moved in last July and every time I call it's either "the website is down for support" or some other excuse. Only about two weeks ago was I told that this issue has been reported by others and it would be looked into.... two weeks ago after many months. I am tired of having to reexplain my issue with customer service which is why I'm making this post.

Also worth noting is that when I look at "My account" and "manage wifi" on the main cox website it shows this -

It looks like you are using a modem that is not compatible with Panoramic Wifi. Panoramic Wifi is available to customers who rent an eligible gateway. Upgrade Now.

But I definitely have the router that supports cox panoramic wifi because it's the same that I had before I moved here. Technicolor CGM4141 is what I have now and had before. and the cox wifi app worked prior to my move. It might be worth noting that there were issues because I had canceled my last account during my move and I don't entirely understand how it was resolved, I think maybe I have a new account number now. But I have wondered if that could be a contributing factor to these issues.

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