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12 months ago

No Upload in the Arrowhead area 85308

Anyone in the Arrowhead area having the same issues?
Signals look fine, 4x QAM and 1x OFDM Upstream channels.

I'm connected Remotely and can't even maintain a solid connection.

  • I have heard of problems with amps since the upstream OFDM change, so I would bypass that first, specially since you shouldn't need it if data only. If levels aren't in spec without the amp something is wrong.

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      This is my sister's house in Arrowhead, she doesn't have Cox phone service, or TV.

      I have Cox phone in another part of Phoenix, and when I didn't have any Upstream QAM channels, just the one OFDM channel, My phone was constantly cutting out while talking, it was normal on my end, but  for the other party I was cutting In & Out constantly.

      This was my signals 8 days ago. It's fixed now.

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        Are you on site to troubleshoot? Anything in the modem logs? Are you thinking it is related to the problem you had? If so, can you contact Luke again or are you trying to avoid that?