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5 years ago

No service in North Las Vegas for 8 days

My Cox TV and internet has been down constantly since 6/22/2020. It's not intermittently down due to increased traffic; it's down 24 hours a day. Cox has been saying it's a neighborhood issue and they are working on it. Every day they say it will be fixed soon. Now the latest update is it will be fixed July 3rd. That will be my 12th straight day of no service. Is it true that there is an outage in North Las Vegas lasting that long? If so, why am I paying for services I don't receive?

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  • Hello,

    I hear you, and I certainly understand frustration you're having for paying for service during a service outage. We want to keep you connected. Please email us at with your address, and first and last name for us to review your account for you.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator