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6 months ago

No Internet for a Week

My Cox Panoramic wifi in east Omaha has been out for most of a week. The tech arrives tomorrow. I depend on internet service for my work. Thank God, I have a MiFi jetpack with access to the Verizon internet service. I cannot believe the lack of concern for the customer displayed by Cox. I will not pay for a service I do not receive. I am shopping for a more reliable provider.

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  • Hi StephenK, We want to help get any issue you are having with our service fixed Please reach out to us privately Our email address is Please include your full street address and a link to this forum post. GregP

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    Was the WiFi not working, OR was the modem actually offline? If the modem was offline, things to try, replace the cable wire from the wall to the modem, reseat all cable connections. If you have a splitter, try replacing it as well.