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8 months ago

Newly add upstream

I notice that Cox add new upstream on my gateway and what is it mean for? Is power level ok on upstream or not? What is "Symbol Rate" mean? Please let me know, thanks. When I asked Cox agent and they said it is fifth upstream on channel bonding but not six. hmm? So let me know anything on comments, thanks!

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    The normal for a upgraded area is 4 QAM upstream channels and 1 OFDMA channel. QAM channels can hold less data while OFDMA channels allow faster upload speeds.  If you don't have a OFDMA upstream channel you are restricted to 35Mbps upload speed. The symbol rate also determines how much bandwidth it contributes. Looks like you have 4 QAM and 1 "skinny" QAM channel. Not much you can do except wait for the upgrade.