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8 months ago

New Improved Cox Webmail - "NOT"!

Cox took something that was not a problem and made it into a problem. Cox managed to have just four emails appear in the Cox Email inbox. HUGE space at top of window is just blank. The COX Blue banner is HUGE sucking up more space. There are no cursors to move boundaries, no recourse except to shrunk fonts to size 000, go get a magnifying glass to put more email on the screen. 

Any tech help here? 

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    I would like to see their Tech support explain this. I will be reaching out to the state corporate commission. not only have i paid for the premium high speed internet and not received the promised performance, but like all big corporations, they are implementing totally screwed up soft ware and are incompetent at the highest levels. CORPORATE GREED.



    "Service is not available right now."

    I tried to attache a screen shot, but they obviously do not wish to be held accountable or see what the real errors are....its like they sold out to chinese.... so tired of treachery.

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      Clear your cache files and cookies, and then try to go manually to

      I tested it on my mac with Safari and Opera. Both worked fine, and I am on the new webmail. 

      Additionally, They don't charge you for webmail, HOW can corporate greed even figure into this picture?

      If you are talking about Internet speeds, what modem are you using and have you tested your speed with a computer connected via ethernet, since testing over WiFi is inaccurate. 

      If you want assistance in addressing your issues, there are several of us here that between us, we have DECADES of experience, and we will be glad to help, unless you are here to slander, cast aspersions, and kvetch.

      I have the preferred internet which has been upgraded to 500 down/50 up. With the right equipment and settings -

      Over WiFi. It can be donw, but I installed some fairly expensive equipment, a CM2000 Modem, and since the router I bought died, I went ahead and installed a RAXE300 Netgear. The test you see was done using WiFi 6.

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        HOW can corporate greed even figure into this picture?

        Salad bars

        You don't have to be clumsily charged for something to understand value.  You may have chosen Golden Corral over all other restaurants because its free salad bar is included in the price of your meal.  This would be more for your dollar.  If Golden Corral removed its salad bar, this would be less for your dollar.

        Although most email service is free, there is a cost (burden) to update your digital responsibilities and lifestyle.  Curtis may have specifically chosen Cox because free email was included in the cost for service one time...Cox had a more reliable email service.

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      I tried the old platform this morning but get redirected to  It appears is gone.

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        Hopefully that means everyone has transferred over and we will see a end to the influx of posts on the matter.🤞

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    Has anybody with Legacy Webmail filter rules and/or custom folders been converted to the new Webmail?  If yes, did the filter rules and folders all get converted properly? 

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    I quit using Cox for webmail a long time ago. I use Gmail for some things and dislike it intensely, especially on a PC. I use both desktop and web version of Outlook, and don't know how I'd live without it. I suggesting test driving some other platforms and then pick the one that you really like.

  • its ridicoulous....i could just go down the list and do CNTRL ALT the hightlt emails I wanted to delete and do mass deletes but nope--no more.....or I could click SELECT ALL for 50 at  time and uncheck ones i did not want to DELETE--no more.........DONT FIX SOMETHING that works right and since I work from home..Im now hostage to cox email...>FOR THIS ** i pay thru the nose of over $300 per month for services i dont use...including foreing language stations for languages i dont speak---------ridiculous..

  • i used t be able to select all for 50 at a time and just unclick the emial i want to keep but no, no more... OR I could keep scrolling and select up to 200 i wanted to delete--no the slightest touch has to open the email a waste of time!!!!!..for this I pay almost $300 per monthin inclusing foreign language stations and sports stattion that I must have tosave money and that I never used----congress shouldl take this on