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10 months ago

New Email is just too slow and it's not us.

The new email is running just too slow it takes forever too load. if you do anything you feel like your on Dial-up and I have 1gig. I have tried clearing cache, deleting and loading new bookmark.

IT'S JUST TOO SLOW FOR THIS DAY AND AGE. It's you tell us your working on it. Don't tell me to unplug modem and disconnect the rg cable for 2 min, don't even think about it.

P.S. I already did it.

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      I run Firefox and Safari and yes I run ABP on Firefox.

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    Clear your browsing history, close your browser and open Webmail again.

    You could also try signing out of all Webmail sessions except the active one.

    Settings gear > All Settings > Security > Active Clients > Sign out from all clients