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7 years ago

New Email Format - Bad

Add me to the Growing List of those opposed to the new email format.  First, it takes forever to load my current list of emails. Then it often shows unread emails when the sign-in page said Zero.  Can't scroll thru, and deleting an email doesn't take you to the next, As It Should.  Whose harebrained idea was it to mess with a perfectly good format?  Put It Back - Please.   

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for the feedback dealing with our new email platform. We appreciate all customer feedback,


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    Thanks for the "copy/paste" about  your new email platform. We appreciate the 0 time you spend on your customer feedback.


    Tim - Cox Support Forum Troll

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    I don't like it either. It is slow and lacks some of the features of the old platform. It is also more difficult to find things because everything is marked with an icon rather than actual words. I also didn't appreciate the way the app suite just sort of appeared without warning and without any opportunity to opt out. The old platform was not broken and did not need fixing.

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    The new email service is terrible.  It is soooo slow and that's when you can even get in.  About 1/3 of the time it sends me an error message that the service is not available.  Ironically, the switch to this new fiasco occurred just when my monthly rate increase by $5.00.  More money for a problem email service.  That's my friends in the digital age.  LOL

  • Hi Flash,

    I'd really like to improve your email experience. How do you access your email? Do you use a mail client like Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird? Or do you log into using a web browser to access Cox Webmail?

    By understanding how you access your mail, I might be able to figure out what's happening. What is the full text of the error message displayed?