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9 months ago

New Cox email format is BAD

How do you select multiple emails to delete, like in the ln format? I'm having to delete emails, mostly spam, ONE by ONE.

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    I don't use it but a number of folks have asked. Other posts have mentioned that you can go to Settings and click on Check Boxes to enable multiple selections. 

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    The new format ***! and I am now getting more spam, maclicious, and phishing emails.  Maybe I will goto Verizon or use gmail instead. 

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      I think Verizon uses AOL which isn't everyone's cup of tea. I would switch to Gmail or some other email not tied to a ISP. 

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    You have no clue how bad it really is.  Try using a VPN.  If the VPN is on, you can't log in.  No biggie, you say, just turn off the VPN.  WRONG...but thanks for playing anyway, we have a few parting gifts.  Somehow, the Rocket Scientist that developed the new myemail service checks to see if, during the current session, you EVER had a VPN on- and if you did, you're SOL, if ya know what I mean.

    Don't use webmail, use a client instead?  According to Cox Complete Care, that doesn't help, you're still FUBARed.  This I have not verified myself.

    Ah ha, I know - use a differnet browser (I use Chrome), make the home page, and only use it when the VPN is turned off.  Sounds like a plan, right - well, HA HA U LOSE, at least Firefox, when accessing its myemail homepage, looks up if ever had a VPN on during this session and says kiss off, babycakes, you ain't gettin here today unless you REBOOT the computer.  The good news is that there are other browsers out there, maybe - JUST MAYBE - one might have the brains to bypass that VPN check.  Let us know....

    Added:  At least for now Microsoft Edge **seems** to not care that you had the VPN on but turned it off.

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      Why would you use a vpn anyways? All it is, is a waste of money. It cannot protect you. Anyone who knows anything about networking knows the ONLY thing a vpn is good for is to pretend to be somewhere else for streaming media. Other than that, it's a waste of money.