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4 years ago

Net gear c7800 firmware

Today after 3 hours in the phone with netgear and 45 minutes with Cox I’m still sitting here frustrated.  I have the c7800 with firmware v3.01.40.  According to NETGEAR the last supported firmware is V3.01.38.  I see this has been an issue in the past but after the second tech was at my house (and did nothing in the house) Cox says it’s equipment and NETGEAR says it’s the I correct firmware.

my internet only gets spotty at night when traffic is lower meaning my signal is stronger and is disconnecting sporadically from 3 pm to 10am at random intervals for random amounts of time.  Nobody seems to have an answer and continually blames the other party.  Can we verify the current firmware for the c7800 and figure out why better signal means worse internet connection because it’s dropping both my wired and wifi connections.

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    Hi @GKlieman,

    This sounds like a very frustrating ordeal. Firmware updates are automatically pushed out to your modem when an approved update is available. Cox goes through a testing and certification process for firmware updates to make sure they will work on our system and are free of bugs. Do you have any logs from your modem showing signal levels or timeouts?

    Ben S.
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