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5 years ago

Neighborhood throttling, what's next?

To the worst company I have had the displeasure of working with,

This article, and its comments, sum up my feelings about Cox entirely. Get it together, your company is a joke. Please do something about it.

To throttle a whole neighborhood because of a single, or couple bad actors (and in this case, I don't even think they are because if you're ripping them off for "unlimited" and then turning around and punishing them for using what they're paying extra for (needlessly, might I add, so you can thicken your pocket books rather than invest in network improvements).

Data caps are a way for you to overload your network and skimp on investing in improving the infrastructure. If your network is strong enough, you don't need them, and they're simply a way to make more money for equipment that is running regardless of whether it's at capacity or not.

The fact that you have no difference in data caps between tiers is an additional slap in the face. One should not be able to exceed their allowed usage in three hours at max download speed, what the heck is that all about? Here, check out this amazing speed, but don't use it for more than three hours or pay us extra per 10GB increment or $50 a month and then still get attacked because Cox refuses to invest in their network and would rather find cheap, shady ways to rip of their customers.

I can't wait for SpaceX's StarLink to become operational, or any other competitor to become available in the Phoenix area so I can ditch your awful service and never look back again. In the future, I will not purchase or rent property in a location that is only serviced by Cox for internet. That's how much of an impression you make on people, I hope you're happy.

Quit being an evil, greedy company and do the right thing for a change. Do not engage in shady business practices, throttling whole neighborhoods upload speeds when the majority users have done nothing wrong, and the ones you claim to have done something wrong are only using their service as advertised by you crooks, and paying extra for "unlimited" to which you respond in this way. I have no respect for this company, or anyone that works there. You should all be ashamed for yourselves, how you sleep at night is beyond me.


A long time, and extremely frustrated customer