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3 years ago

My internet connection keeps dropping all day.

My internet connection keeps dropping all day. I had a tech come out but there was no change. I bought a new modem and a new router. Same result. When calling on the phone the modem kept restarting on its own. She said it was a signal problem. I am so annoyed. She wants the tech to come out again. This has been happening for a month now.

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    If you have another Cox jack in the house and it can be used for the modem, try that.  

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    Did your issue ever get fixed? Same thing happens to my internet. It's very annoying. I can't seem to watch an entire recorded show. It also makes working from home difficult. We unplug router and restart more than once a day.

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      You'll need to be more specific because "internet" problems could be anything:  device to router...router to modem...modem to Cox.

      What's the makes and models of your router and modem?  You should also post your signal levels as per Mouth's instructions.  You should create your own post because this one is almost 3 weeks old but if jungleBeats returns, it'll be all your troubleshooting.

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      @Warellanas. I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • I have this issue also. On Arris S33 and Linksys CM3024. I've had a tech out and ran a new, direct coax run from the box to my modem, new gateway, new everything. Cox even flagged my forum post as spam haha. Internet drops every 1-12 hours; has been happening for the past ~4 weeks.

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    Is it happening on more than one device?   Renting a gateway from Cox would be the easiest solution. 

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      Update:: There's been Cox trucks in my neighborhood for 2 days in a row now, once down the street - yesterday on my street; both times I saw them working in those ~junction boxes/towers. Once the Cox truck was gone yesterday (he was parked maybe 3-4 hours) my correctables and uncorrectables have been at zero (except for

      159 Locked OFDM PLC 300000000 Hz -2 dBmV 42 dB 53322825 0

      with minimal connection issues. My Cox appt. is today, my powershell script shows only 2 short disconnects from internet over last 12 hours so big improvement already.

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        I took so many screenshots, I gathered common issues: 

        Common downed channels:
        * 783000000Hz
        * 789""
        * 795""
        * 801
        * 807
        * 813
        * 819,825,831,
        * (channels between above and below are usually up, but ~28 SNR)
        * 939,945,951,967,963,969
        * 3000 (ODFM PLC)

        In each case, SNR for all other downstream channels below 28, from 45 typical. Listed channels above all stuck at 0 SNR