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4 years ago

Multiple outages in the past week - Hampton Roads, VA

I've been getting outages at least once and even twice a day in some cases. Usually when I check for outages on Cox's site using my phone, they've already got a notice up, but they're taking hours to resolve each time. This latest outage is apparently because of "increased internet usage" and their estimated time to fix it is 3:30 AM...four days from now.

Are any infrastructure changes coming to resolve this? I need my internet connection for work and this is getting ridiculous. I've almost burned out my data allotment by tethering my phone for the past few days for hours at a time.

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    Agreed, this is frustrating  I'm in Newport News and have had issues since Friday (6/11) evening with the Estimated Time to Repair: 06/18/2021 03:21 AM. Is estimate based on a planned change/upgrade or just a guess?  

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      Hi @JBN23
      I checked your area and our engineers are tracking an issue on the lines in your area that may cause intermittent, slow, or no connection to your services during certain parts of the day. We know this can be frustrating but our engineers are working quickly to provide the best possible experience. You can get further information about the outage using the Cox app (links below) or this link . Thanks for your continued patience.

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  • Hi darkbridge,

    We'd be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns; however, we will need some additional information in order to do so. Please email our team at Be sure to include this post, your full name, and your complete address.

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    This was resolved for about a day and then it started happening again. I'm also in Newport News; is this issue getting a permanent fix any time soon?

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      @Darkbridge, We are tracking an intermittent issue in your area and are working on getting that issue resolved as quickly as possible. We are hopeful that this issue will be resolved soon. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.