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6 years ago

Multiple hidden networks coming from Panoramic Wifi

Hey all,

I've noticed that there are multiple hidden networks coming from my Panoramic Wifi, I've never seen this from other routers.  

2 in the 5ghz channel, 2 in the 2.4ghz channel.
They are each on the corresponding channel to the unhidden normal network. (2.4ghz for example, main network on channel 11, two hidden networks also on channel 11)
They have the same signal strength as the main networks.
There is one 802.1X classified hidden network in both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.

I am viewing this data by using the "Wifi Explorer" app from the macOS app store.

What are these networks for, and can I turn them off?


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    When you turn off your WiFi, do the hidden networks disappear?  How many antennae does a Panoramic router have?  Each antenna is a different link with a simultaneous data stream.  I'd assume it's just MIMO.