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2 months ago

Loss of Internet Daily at Most Critical Times!

I have been a member for some time now, and the first month or two we're just fine. But it's time passes, and although I have new equipment, I am experiencing more and more dropping of the Internet on a daily basis! Part of this time is throughout the night – the most critical time that I need the Internet to be reliable because my security system relies upon it! I used to call about it, but I received lipservice with no real help. I am sick to death of this lack of reliability! I don't know why all of the Internet providers are so inconsistent with their service. I have tried at least three different ones in the last couple of years, and they all let me down. I thought Cox was going to be different, but apparently they're no better than some of the others. It seems like that Cox would know that the middle of the night isn't the time to disrupt everything for everyone. Perhaps they could ask people when is the better time to have an interruption, but the interruptions shouldn't be multiple times throughout the night! Surely they know that some security reset systems rely upon the Internet being on! Does anybody out there have any answers, and Cox are you listening? All anybody ever tells me is all it must be this and it must be that, but everything is always working except Cox providing the Internet! 

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  • Hello Lecpo51,
    I appreciate how important a reliable internet connection is, especially to keep devices running for security at home. We value your business and are here to help. To get an idea where we can provide some helpful troubleshooting would be for us to review the modem and see if there is any detected issue that can give us an idea of what helpful troubleshooting we can take. If what is happening is a network issue in your area that we're aware about, then Cox would add network alerts to the Cox App. If you have been checking the Cox App and there isn't an alert, then we may need to look at the issue at the time it is present for you. 


    Thank you for reaching out to the community here on our forum. For Cox support to take a look could you send us an email to with your name, complete address, and a copy of this message or include the URL to your comment in the email? More details of what exactly you see when issues are present, what steps you've taken already to troubleshoot, and what connected devices- that you've noticed- experience issues with the connection loss in the home?