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6 years ago

Looks like things are bad again: Gigablast speedtest 330/35!!

The Not So Gigablast Saga continues.

Woke this morning trying to watch Netflix before going to work,

recieved timeout errors, that usually is the sign that

internet is acting up again.

Ran consecutive speedtest hard wired to mdem...average of four tests was 330/35.

Called it in to Cox, they did a modem reset, retested twice best I got is 385/36

Tech said that the "return signal is "Critical" and that they have to send someone out.

Here we go again.....!

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    I'm reporting things here, because Cox wants a record of everytime I have problems with my GigaBlast service. You can search for my "Cox Gigablast Money Grab" thread to see parts 1-3 of my trials with this service.

    As for the High Returns...again I've had Line Tech, Field SuperVisor Tech, Head Installer Tech, all to my house and they swear that as their little box states all is normal we show Gig to the house blah blah, but yet none of them can tell me what is causing the "Critical Return signal issue" only to say it a probably a problem at the node, but they can't tell me who is going to fix that.

    I've had all lines replaced from Pole to the house box, from house box to the modem. no Splitters exist in the House box, no splitters exist in the house. All I have is Cox internet and Alarm. Its a straight shot.

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      And verified today's Speed test: 390/35.

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        Hi Terryj, we are extremely sorry you're experiencing these ongoing issues. Based on the signal levels we're seeing on this end, we strongly recommend sending out a service technician for this. Please feel free to send us an email at, if you'd like our assistance with scheduling an appointment. I have also included an article from the website, on how to achieve Gigablast speeds. I hope you may find this article useful.

        -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator