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4 years ago

Link to view reported outages is broken

What is up with the outage map? I click the link to view outages, and it tells me to login. I login, and it takes me to my account homepage. So I go back, find the link to view the outage map, click it again now that I'm logged in, and it still just takes me to the account page again. So I go from my account homepage, find a link to view outages under my account internet settings, click that link, and it just takes me back to the first link which takes me back to my account homepage!

I talked to support when I couldn't get the outage map to load and they confirmed that there WAS a reported outage in my area (and a reported outage at the same time the day before, and the day before that too, although they apparently still don't know why...and here I had been thinking it was my DNS server that was the problem...) It would have been nice if the link to view known outages had actually shown the known outages instead of just getting me stuck in an endless loop...

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  • @Urza9814, I am truly sorry to hear that our website was having this issue. As an alternative option, you can use our cox app. It includes outage notifications. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.