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9 months ago

Line Cut/Cox Customer Service/Ridiculousness

Neighbor is building a garage, had utility marking company come out, Cox cable was buried very shallow in his yard and was cut.  Cox is out for at least 7-8 neighbors.  All have called Cox, all Cox reps want to talk about is someone will come out to figure out the issue.....we know what the issue is, the line was cut, we don't have service, it's not rocket science.  Asked to speak with supervisors/managers so we could explain the situation, they were to call back, none have. Instead of having 8 separate appointments, all you need is one to fix the source of the problem.  In the old days you called Cox and they said, yep, understand, cable was cut, we'll be out tomorrow to fix.  That's it, one call and they came out and fixed it, no problem.  Today, we all have separate appointments to send people out that probably cannot fix the main issue - only to say yep, your cable is out because the line is cut, and then we will probably have to wait who knows how long to get the appropriate crew out to fix the issue.  In every one of the houses someone works from home, it is maddening.  


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  • Hello Belle00. 

    I am sorry to hear that the cable line was cut and you and several neighbors are without service. I can understand how frustrating that would be. The technician coming out should be able to run a new line or patch it to restore the service. If additional work is needed, that technician would be able to escalate. It is not necessary for each of your neighbors to have a technician come out. The first one out should be able to fix the issue and the other appointments can be canceled. Everyone on our team here works from home, so we understand what you are going through. I am again so sorry that this happened. If you would like us to review the issue further, please email my team at with your name, address, and a link to this thread. 

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