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5 years ago

Latency Spikes

So just moved into a new house and a brand new setup. However, I noticed that I have been getting random high latency spikes. These spikes can be few and far between sometimes or bunched up closely.

I called support and per protocol the reset the modem, and I asked them to send out a Tech to check the outside receiver to make sure it is ok. However, the problem is still happening even now.

Some context, I have this problem before and it required a Tier 2 guy to add a tap onto my line and watch the signal and it ended being a problem port on the edge switch.

Now variation is normal but not from 24ms to 194ms.

I'd really like to get this resolved.

Thank you,

Below is the attached ping log for just today. You will notice the spikes inside. For anyone in the future you can run the command below in powershell.exe

Ping.exe -t | ForEach {"{0} - {1}" -f (Get-Date),$_} | Tee C:\pingtest.txt


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