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5 years ago

Las Vegas: Upload Stream Failures, Every Single Night


Fix your over-saturated nodes. Do it immediately. This is a national emergency situation, the government has asked us to stay home. My neighbors increased Netflix and FaceTime usage should not tank my internet service. Every, single, night I try to work and utilize my upload speed and it fails, every, single, night. You've already sent a tech out who "tightened a connection" and "fixed the problem", and its literally worse now then before. This is not your Tech's fault, this is a failure at the executive level. Cox, you are failing your customers in a very important time of need. Shame on you. I'll be filing my second FCC complaint in a year right now because of your refusal to provide me with the service I pay for.

When my lease is up at my current residence in Las Vegas I'll be moving to another city with a responsible ISP, not because I want to, but because I cannot work and perform my job with Cox as my provider.  


Unfathomably disappointed customer. 

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    Are the FCCs really doing anything Ive signed one and probably atleast 100 other people have filed one too, no result so far.