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4 years ago

Land line is down

Our Cox phone service (land line) went down several nights ago. I called several times over the next 2 days and the support personnel have been helpful, but then after troubleshooting I was told that there was an outage in the area (even though my internet, television and security worked fine) and that I would get a text when service was restored. I got that yesterday.

The aggravation is that, the phone modem is on one side of the house, whereas my cable modem is at the other. I also get very poor cell reception in my house. I use Wi-fi calling but as I said, 'm at the opposite end of the house when on the phone trying to troubleshoot and 6 times the call has dropped while speaking with Support.

I have downloaded the manual for the Cisco DBQ3212 phone modem and based on that, it appears the line is back up, but my phone still says "Check Tel line". I've called my number and get the regular echo and after 5 rings, voicemail. This is normal, but, my phones don't ring. I have triple checked to make sure all connections are good.

I had a problem several years ago and as I recall there was a certain way the modem was to be disconnected, then reconnected for it to bring the system back up. I cannot find that in the manual. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Hello, Is it possible to plug a phone directly up to the phone modem? If so, please let us know if there is any change. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.