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7 months ago

Lag spikes and awful upload speed

I stay in Hampton, VA and since the last weekend, I have been experiencing reduction amount of lag spikes while gaming.  I checked my cables and received a new modem but did not fix it.  I had no issues till the last weekend and now I can't play my game at all.  I have the gigablast plan and still experiencing way more lag than normal. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Try Pingplotter to plot your latency issues over time. This will also show which hop the latency is occuring. If first hop, the issue is between your computer and router. If second hop it is between your modem and Cox. WinMTR can also show simular data and is open source but not as user friendly as PIngPlotter IMO. Either way, set the target to either the game server you are playing on or if unknown, To share the data go to File > Share > Create Share page.

  • this has been happening to me for MONTHS. every fix they have recommended has not worked. cox support is awful in ever getting my problems solved as they just send copy pasted messages until you close the chat or they do. having to have a tech come to my house for the SECOND time due to this packet loss issue happening non stop. cox needs to get it together