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6 years ago

JUST ORDERED CENTURYLINK - Goodbye Cox and Packet Loss Issues

Cox Team - 

You're officially being fired! This move is a direct result of your failure to remedy gross packet loss issues. I  and many others did our part to help solve the problem - actually far beyond what's normally expected of customers. I've spent countless hours of my personal time on the phone, forums, running tests, talking to techs, swapping equipment, etc. all because I wanted to help fix the issue and remain a customer, after all I've been a loyal one for 12+ years. 

Most depressing thing about this situation is Cox's response - "It's not on our end." You see, regardless of what the true technical issue may be or where it truly resides, Cox IS the "internet" to the end user. The technical components you leverage to provide services are not your customers concerns. Fact of the matter is your service, and it's been proven, is part of the problem, thus is your responsibility to work to correct, through whatever means necessary. I'm a manager in IT and this concept is not rocket science.

I hope this continues to be a thorn in your side and I strongly urge customers who are experiencing this issue to jump ship and impress upon Cox's upper management that this IS a problem and it's not going away. I've included below a ton of documentation to illustrate how rampant this issue is for everyone out there. 


Video Evidence:

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  • Hi 402PrimeTime, I'm sorry to hear that we've lost your business as a result of this issue. If there is anything we can do for you in the future, please don't hesitate to let us know. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Becky your copy and paste responses aren't helping anyone. Not sure why you even responded. But what you did reveal is that there is an "issue". Cox is treating this "issue" similar to someone purchasing something online and receiving the merchandise late. So the shipping company is to blame. Well, since Cox claims the "issue" is either an Amazon or Epic "issue" from at least from what I've read Cox should be working with those companies to solve the problem. It should be a joint effort between all the companies. This isn't going to fix itself.

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        In the TV Forum, becky has been the best moderator in years..  In the Internet forum,  we see mostly cut and paste from her.  becky did not admit that Cox has an "issue", her answer could be read as "you, the customer, are leaving because of "your" issue".  I hope I'm wrong but that's the way I read it.

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      I like how you deleted my post! lol. You guys are unreal. BTW...Century link installed and ZERO packet loss with all the same equipment, less your terrible service. But, oh yeah, it's not COX's problem. Incredible failures you guys are.