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5 years ago

Issue with Panoramic Wifi Pods

We changed to the new Panoramic Wifi Modem/Router with the Pods a month ago. We have a 1,700 square foot block house and have positioned the 3 pods at each corner of the house. All pods are active and working and show different devices connected to them. I've noticed when I go from one corner of the house to the other that there is a 20-30 second lag to pickup the signal from the pod in that room. We've adjusted the placement multiple times and all pods are in an open place. Any thoughts as this is not what I expect or have seen from a mesh network?

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    When you start in one room, your device negotiates a connection with the pod.  When you move to another room, your device has to renegotiate with the new pod.  Each pod has a different identity.

    I don't use pods and can't assess if 20-30 seconds is extreme, but, if it is, I'd attribute the latency to being a Cox product.  (Cox products are not good.)

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    you should be able to remain connected seamlessly, but in order for the pods to work as designed, your wifi names and passwords for both the 2.4 and 5 ghz networks on the panoramic modem AND all of the pods must be *identical*. 

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    @charliev, do you have a separate, third-party wireless router connected to the Panoramic WiFi? Do all devices experience Lag in the home when using that particular pod? This will help us determine if the issue is with a specific device or the pod itself. Can you please also unplug the modem for at least 20 seconds and plug it back in? Your modem is showing as having been online for 27 days. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      No additional router. I tested a couple of other devices and yes, all do. The modem was just rebooted a few minutes ago.