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12 months ago

Issue: Upgraded from 500 Mpbs to 1000 Mbps

My average download speed went from 250 Mpbs down to 11 Mbps when I upgraded. I've tested the connection and speed multiple times through app and it says I'm getting anywhere from 1-3% of my speed, let's restart the [Panoramic] gateway. I've done this at least 10 times over the last 2 days and the speed has only once been above 20 Mpbs, and that lasted for about 1 minute before dropping again.

I'm currently trying chat with Oliver but after I answer his first question the chat goes silent and Oliver never proceeds.

This is quite frustrating.

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    There seems to be a trend of recently upgraded plans not delivering the new bandwidth, even after numerous reboots and resets.  A final stab would be for the phone reps to re-provision your Internet service.  If the rep lacks the skills or is hesitant, send an email to with your full name, complete address and what has failed to get the new bandwidth.

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    have you tried testing the speed with a computer connected via ethernet?

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      Dumb question: How do you do that if the laptop doesn't have an ethernet port?

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      But that speaks only about WiFi. The core question here is - what is the speed at the modem? Getting an accurate answer to that is challenging. I can get a good answer by running a speed check directly from my Google Router. I can also get a good answer running a local instance of Speedtest from my PC (or my wife's laptop, when connected directly to the ethernet on the modem. (This may require a reboot first to establish the connection.) This also requires having a Network Interface Card (NIC) that supports 10/100/1000 mbps. Some are only 10/100. It sounds like this individual doesn't have ethernet which makes it more challenging. There are USB to ethernet converters, but I suspect the original poster doesn't have one.