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4 years ago

Internet Ultimate 500 Plan, Louisiana State University Discount:

I am VERY DISAPPOINTED COX Internet is unable to meet the minimum needs to telecommute. Especially during these times!!! Of the ONLY 2 plans available to me through LSU, the highest has a maximum upload of 10mbps, which is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW and UNABLE to meet the minimum needed speed to work from home. FIX IT!

The price for such an upload speed is ASININE!

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  • Hi Digitaltrance. Thank you for your feedback and I will be glad to pass this along to leadership. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    300 ultimate will give 30 up.

    i recently changed from 300 to 500.

    the rep asked what was more important, gaming/work or pages loading fast, i opted for the 500/10.

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    Why does Ultimate 500 have 10 Mbps while Ultimate 300 has 30 Mbps?  Nobody at Cox caught that?

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      choices:i had seen the upgrade offer as a promotion.

      when i called about the promotion, i was told the 500 plan only had a 10 upload, i wanted faster loading pages, opted for the 500/10 plan.