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9 months ago

Internet out all night. Now all day.

 It sure what I am paying for anymore. Internet out all night. Now all day. This seems to be a once a week occurrence with no explanation and ZERO customer service. The voice mail response is downright rude that you would dare to try and speak to a human being. 

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    What area are you in? What model modem do you have? Do you lose all the lights on the modem?

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      Tulsa Oklahoma. And it’s their modem so therefore not relevant. Their terrible service is the issue. These continuing breaks in service are unacceptable and I am only venting here because they have ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. 

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      you will note, I didn't even try on this one, it was obvious that the Op didn't care to troubleshoot or analyze the issue, they were here to kvetch, (Word used first time this week, lol)

  • I live in the Florida pan handle, internet was out all day yesterday and night, coming back sporadically,  same all day today with warnings on the app giving you hope the internet will be restored in a couple of hours, only to receive an update saying a couple of hours more, again and again. Cox should prorate your payment to discount the time the internet is out or compensate custumers affected in some way. My kid is happy he doesn't have to do his school work online but is falling behind schedule. 

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      Hello 7th Grouper Ret.,

      I am truly sorry to hear that you experienced internet issues. I can imagine how frustrating this would be. I would like to assist with the service and can review the account for a credit. Can you email my team at with your name and address?

      Tiffany R.
      Cox Support Forum Moderator