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4 years ago

Internet Drops - Huge amount of correctable and uncorrectable errors

For about the past month, I have experienced severe issues with my internet connection. It will randomly drop out several times a day. It does this for about 2 to 3 minutes at a time. I contacted Cox two weeks ago and the tech told me that the signal looked good, but it seemed like the modem might be having hardware issues. (Arris SB6190)

I decided to purchase a new modem (even though I disagreed with that diagnoses) (Motorola MB8600). All seemed fine for a few days but now I am back to having the same issues. Also, when you log into the router itself, there are billions of correctable and uncorrectable errors total (millions on different channels). I am attaching a screenshot of the downstream channels. Anyone have any ideas? Cox tech support has been lacking. They want to try and sell me an upgraded internet package to increase my speed despite me clearly telling them that isn't the issue.

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    Extremely similar issue here. I've contacted support now 7 times about this. They just tell you to buy a new modem and after you buy that new modem, they just want to keep rebooting it to clear the counters...

    They are finally sending out a tech tomorrow to inspect the lines between the house and the tap.

    I will update here with any findings.

    Update: 1/12/2021

    I got a service rep out to the house. They immediately pointed out that the Cox lines from the tap to the box on the house, and from that box to the hole in the wall were terribly weathered. After he replaced the cables, the problems persisted. He also ruled out all hardware on my side and dropped a bunch of jargon claiming that the problem was at the tap and is going to put in a ticket to engineering to check/replace that tap.

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      I bought a new modem “ARRIS SBG7600” three weeks ago and I’m still having the same issue. I have had three techs come out and say there’s nothing wrong but none of them ever try and recreate the issue while they are here. 

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        I’ve been having this issue since 9/04/2020 and my issue is that my gateway keeps throwing T3 and T4 errors