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2 years ago

Internet down for 11 days. Outside plant crew “working on it”(maybe)

So 11 days ago, my internet went from pretty reliable to dropping offline for 30-120,seconds at a time every few minutes. Which is basically unusable. 

tech verified everything out to the pedestal, and actually ordered a replacement of the pedestal, but said further upstream work was needed. I’ve worked in the industry and I know backbone engineering rarely communicates well with outside plant and never with residential. But I’m in an area where I can use cox or satellite (which I would normally never consider in a dense suburban environment, but, this is the longest outage I’ve had with any carrier in 25 years, including several large regional-scale disasters)

if anyone at cox can check to see if you’ve possibly allocated the same IP block to two areas, that would be helpful. You have permission to get my contact info from customer support. 

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    Why do you think it is a IP issue if the technician said work was required upstream?  I would be more curious of your signal levels and event logs. Either way, if you want Cox to look something up, email them your account info with the request to

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    Why would you even think an IP block is an issue when your dropping offline? Dropping offline is an indication of signal, not an indication of IP addressing. 

    What do your modem logs show?

    BTW, if you are looking for Cox TECHNICAL assistance, you are in the wrong place, the forums are for Cox users to assist one another. 

  • Hello. I'm very sorry to hear that you are still having issues with your service. We'd love to help you. Can you please reach out to us through Social Media, phone or through chat so that we can take a look at your issue and determine what is happening?

    Thank you,
    Cox Forum Moderator